Analog Tonabnehmer Machiavelli Red

DIM cartridges, the best of both MM and MC worlds without their downsides
A Gold Note proprietary innovative technology


Audiophiles know that MM cartridges are some of the most natural uncompressed sounding phono cartridge available on the market.

Unfortunately the nature of the MM cartridge can’t reach the best performance because the quite raw technology does not allow extracting all information from the vinyl groove.

The Gold Note DIM phono cartridge – Double Inductive Magnet – is a new phono cartridges design concept that enables to join the great musicality of the MM cartridge and the best technical virtues of the MC ones.
The DIM cartridge powers the iron of the coils with a double inductive magnet to achieve the finest possible details.
The coils are positioned in a separate shielded internal body, they are vertically oriented to keep the magnets closer each other.
The suspension is the made of the best quality harmonic steel like the Tuscany models.
The use of stiff and thin cantilever with extra small elliptical diamonds allows the cartridge to read the deepest details of the groove while the high mass solid machined body let the DIM cartridges to enhance some of the best audio performance of the market.

The Machiavelli Red is a top class DIM phono cartridge featuring easy internal impedance and high gain to enables great sound performance with any MM phono preamp.

The Machiavelli RED features boron cantilever with high precision diamond and strictly selected coils to achieve some of the greatest performance of the Gold Note DIM design.

The highly precision machined body allows drastic reduction of vibration feedback let the cantilever track well with limited distortion and sound deformation. The Machiavelli RED enhance some of the greatest price-no-object sound performance of the market.


Typology: Dual Inductive Magnet Design Phono Cartridge
Output level: 2.0mV
Frequency response: 10-40000Hz
Impedance: 400ohm
Suggested load: 47Kohm
Compliance: 15×10-6cm/dyne
Channel separation: >28dB
Suggested tracking weight: 1.4 to 2.0gram
Cantilever: boron
Diamond: 0.1×0.18mm Elliptical shape
Mounting hole diamond distance: 9mm

Total weight: 10g

Body: solid block machined Delrin
Color: black body with red logo and name